Myfanwy Tristram comics and cards

Salon of Rejects comic

5.50 GBP
A sumptuous, perfect bound 28-page comic featuring cartoons by six creators including Myfanwy Tristram.

Why 'Salon of Rejects'? Because these are all entries to the prestigious Cape/Comica/Observer Graphic Short Story contest that didn't scoop that top prize.

Or.. er, any prize.

But we still think they're pretty fab. So, like the artists rejected from the Paris Salon, we've cocked a snook at the establishment and set up our own display. And now it can be yours!

In this volume you'll find four-page cartoons by:
Suitable for all occasions, this selection of graphic short stories can be yours to whip out on the bus, flick through in a comfy armchair, or smuggle into a boring meeting.